Update from the studio

Just a quick update here from the Tileyard hub
Finished tracking Sebastian Heintz’s New EP with 6 Tracks recorded. Amazing soaring acoustic slide guitar With ambient drum recordings. A mic in the Stairway (Bonham Style) …Nothing beats a good gritty reverbration.
FullSizeRender4Plus a Monster drum session for the upcoming Alt Surf Psykedelic Loungedelic.6 Tracks recorded with the Italian Master Producer Gaudi. Looking forward to post some tunes when the mixes are dub up by Gaudi


New Music

Here is the new Maud EP. I cowrote, played drums produced and mixed. And No I didn’t do the Mastering. Feel free to share if you enjoy the sound

Ella Eyre

I’m Happy to announce I have recorded and Played Drums on 2 tracks for the amazing singer Ella Eyre , 1 for her new album and 1 for a Movie soundtrack. Can’t really say much about them as it’s not released yet… but I will post links so you can have a listen in a few weeks time hopefully

British Folk

I have done some production and drumming for Seth Lakemanns new single.Also Drums and percussion for the next Cara Dillon Single. I will post links to tunes as soon as they are released Later this year

Update here is the Cara Dillon Song I played drums and Percussion on

Hey ho

Happy to have another session released on Virgin records 40th Anniversary Album with Ella Eyre(Rudimental)
I will see if I can find the track for you to listen…
Did a rocktastic Bonham style Drum session for samuel Sim for the BBC1 crime/thriller the big finale scene of “By any Means”


Here is my new website with loads of new stuff plus a little blog about what I’m up to these days.
If you need drums for your tracks you have come to the right place: please stay tuned and I will upload an intro video in the next few days

Currently writing and producing and drumming for MAUD. 5 new tracks are in the pipe line which is very exciting.

Recording tracks in my studio for Z star’s new Album 16 tons of Love. Here is a taster:

Here is a song that’s been number 1 recently in the UK Charts with Rudimental Featuring Ella Eyre. I recorded and engineered this acoustic version.

Here is a track From Winter Mountain. I recorded drums for it and this is currently being played on BBC Radio 2 since August 2013

Ruu Campbells’ CD is out now…I did some dark softbeater toms for this album check it out:

Recorded tracks for Lou rhodes(Lamb)’ new Solo Album. Great songs looking forward to hearing them.