Situated in Kings X London at the Tileyard studios

The Gear

API 3124 Preamps 4 preamps
Heritage Audio 2x J-73 Neve clones
Focusrite 428 MKII with Digital Output 4 pres
JLM Audio Baby Animal 4 preamps
Stam LA2a
Seventh Circle N72 Neve Clone
Roland Space Echo RE201
Copykat Tape echo Valve Version

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Computer Gear
UAD 2 Quad+Duo
Protools 11
Cubase 8.5
Logic X

Neumann U67 Modded Neumann
Neumann U87 Vintage 70’s
Aston Origin
Aston Spirit Stereo pair
AKG 414 Stereo Pair
Sennheiser Md421 x3
Coles 4038 stereo Pair
AKG D112
NS10 speaker for Sub kick
Shure SM57x4
Shure SM7B
Josephson Stereo pair C42 Overheads
Calrec Stereo Pair CM1050 Overheads
Peluso Stereo Pair CEMC-6 MicrophonesN7 Piano & Hammond
RM2 ribbon Microphones stereo Pair

Amphion ONE 18
Pure sound Radio Reference

Misc Gear Instruments

Fender Telecaster 1958
Startocaster 70’s
Gibson Hollowbody
Martin Acoustic 70’s
Fender Jazz Bass 70’s
Gibson SG
Gibson SG Bass
Steinway Piano Upright
Fender Rhodes MK I
Gui Amps Fender Princeton, Watkins, Wem, Mesa Boogie, Carlsbro
Bass Amp Ampeg B-15